The Secrets of Stargate

The Secrets of Stargate logoThe Secrets of Stargate is a fan podcast about the hit 1994 movie and the TV series that followed, including SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe, plus whatever comes next. The show goes beyond the surface to look at the deeper layers and themes found in Stargate, while enjoying the mythologies explored, the fun science fiction elements, and the trademark humor. Whether you’re new to Stargate and watching it for the first time, like our host Jack Baruzzini, or a longtime fan like Lisa Jones, Victor Lams, and Fr. Cory Sticha (who also brings his expertise as a US Air Force veteran), you will be sure to enjoy the Secrets of Stargate.

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Recent Episodes

The Broca Divide - Pandemic! Jack, Lisa, and Victor discuss this story that features SG-1 bringing a pandemic back through the Gate, and talk about the strange pacing of the episode, missed opportunities with the Minoan setting, and Gen. Hammond's terrifying Cro Magnon eyebrows.
Emancipation - An early mis-step. Jack, Fr. Cory, Lisa, and Victor talk about this infamously bad episode, the issues with the story's treatment of its female lead, and the odd choice to recycle a script from another show.
Kowalski's glowing eyes The Enemy Within - The Goa'uld sneak a Trojan horse into Stargate Command. Jack, Fr. Cory, Lisa, and Victor discuss the theme of identity and individuality that arise in the course of the episode.
Children of the Gods - The team assembles! Jack, Fr. Cory, Lisa, and Victor discuss the series premiere of Stargate SG-1, including the changes from the movie; the family-friendly vs. PG-13 versions; and how the show hit the ground running, unlike many other scifi series.
Stargate (1994) - The movie that started it all. Jack Baruzzini, Fr. Cory Sticha, Lisa Jones, and Victor Lams discuss the original Stargate movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader, but also introduce themselves, their history with Stargate, and what they love about the franchise.