The Secrets of Star Wars

The Secrets of Star Wars is a fan podcast all about everything to do with Star Wars, including all of the movies, TV shows, streaming series, books, comic books, fan culture and more. The show looks at both the new creations as they are released as well as the existing library of Star Wars, going beyond the surface to look at the deeper layers and themes, while never forgetting how cool lightsabers are. Join your host Fr. Andrew “Father Fett” Kinstetter as well as Mike Creavey, Andrew Hermiz, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Angela Sealana for a weekly celebration of all things Star Wars.

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Recent Episodes

Rebels, Season 2, Ep. 1 & 2: The Siege of Lothal - The Siege of Lothal! Fr. Andrew and Thomas are joined by special guest Josh Beeghley to talk the opening of Season 2 of Rebels, including the tragedy of Minister Tua and how the ends can never justify evil means; the core family theme in the crew of the Ghost as they figure out their place in the larger rebellion; and Ahsoka, of course!
The Clone Wars Ends: Season 7, Ep. 11 & 12 - The Clone Wars have ended. Fr. Andrew, Andrew H., Angela, and Thomas discuss the emotional impact of these episodes on the finale and to the the galaxy as Order 66 is implemented; plus the humanity of the clones, the relationship between Ahsoka and Rex, the nature of the light and dark side of the force, and the validity of the moral path Ahsoka walks.
Star Wars Day Facebook Live Special - May the 4th be with you! Fr. Andrew, Thomas, Andrew H., Angela, and Mike celebrate Star Wars Day, discussing news; what being a Star Wars fan means to them; do a show & tell; and answer rapid fire questions. Also some very special guest transmissions from Star Wars actors you won't want to miss!
The Clone Wars Returns: Season 7, Ep. 9 & 10 - The Siege of Mandalore has finally arrived! Fr. Andrew, Angela, Mike, Thomas, and Andrew H. jump into the first two parts of the finale of the Clone Wars and discuss how climatic these episodes are, fate and free will, Ahsoka's own journey and growth, and how Maul fits into this story set during the events of Revenge of the Sith.
Clone Wars Returns: Season 7, Ep. 7 & 8 - What is the nature of destiny and free will? Angela, Mike, and Thomas discuss the latest two episodes of Clone Wars, including Ahsoka's moral compass, the banality of evil, and how simply wishing the Force (or God) be with someone and not doing more for them can do more harm than good.