The Secrets of Doctor Who

The Secrets of Doctor Who is a discussion of everything about the hit BBC series Doctor Who, from its beginnings in 1963 to the reboot in 2005 to the very latest episodes of today, on TV, in audio books, and everywhere in-between. Join Jimmy Akin, Domenico Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha for in-depth discussions of the Doctor Who phenomenon.

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Recent Episodes

The God Complex - The 11th Doctor stuck in the Labyrinth. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory examine this story that features a Minotaur-like creature that feeds on faith, as if faith was a kind of emotional energy and places it at the level of superstition. Does it do a disservice to religious faith?
The Stones of Venice - The 8th Doctor is in a future Venice facing a cataclysm. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory talk about this audio story that bears remarkable resemblance to later TV episodes and how the story has a very fairy tale quality about it.
The Girl Who Waited - This time it's Amy who waits for Rory and the Doctor. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory talk about another story of doppelgängers and duplicates and alternate time streams; discuss the question of which Amy is the real one; whether it is moral to sacrifice one; and if the Doctor is being cruel.
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - The 7th Doctor and Ace go to a demented circus. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory discuss fear of clowns, hippie circuses, werewolves, and the gods of Ragnarok, plus Sylvester McCoy's real magic tricks he performs on-screen.
Night Terrors (11) - The 11th Doctor comes to the aid of a scared little boy whose night terrors become real. Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha this fairy tale horror story about the unconditional love of a father for his unusual son.

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