The Secrets of Technology

Welcome to the Secrets of Technology from the Star Quest Production Network, your weekly look at the world of technology from a uniquely Catholic perspective. We’re not the usual tech news from New York or San Francisco. We’re creating conversations around technology topics that affect all of us, including social media, privacy, AI, the ubiquity of gadgets, parenting tech-savvy kids, and more.

Geek and gadget culture is mainstream in society at all age levels now more than ever. By exploring the intersection of faith and technology, we give you the tools to live your faith life and spirituality in harmony with the work of technology and media that you are immersed in.

But you don’t have to be Catholic or a believer to get something out of Secrets of Technology. Our regular panel will discuss the top tech stories, offer up technology tips and lessons, and give you our picks of the week for software, hardware, web sites, or information that will make you more productive, more entertained, more informed, and more secure. Join Domenico Bettinelli, Fr. Cory Sticha, Joanne Mercier, Fr. Michael Gossett, and Thomas Sanjurjo every week.

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Recent Episodes

Tech’s Real World Congestion - All the new tech products and services promise to make life convenient--Uber Eats, Amazon Prime, Waze, delivery drones, etc.--but are they just making our streets more crowded? Dom, Thomas, and Fr. Michael consider what we can do to ensure peace and quiet in our neighborhoods.
Apple’s iPhone Goes to 11 - Apple's annual iPhone show is done and Dom Bettinelli, Jack Baruzzini, and Pat Scott discuss all the announcements and come to the consensus that Apple decided this year to appeal to the mainstream consumers with more reasonable prices and desired features.
Ring and Police Working Together; Doxxing; and Apple’s iPhone Event - Dom Bettinelli and Joanne Mercier talk about civil libertarian warnings about police and Amazon's Ring system working together; the dangers of social media-based cancelling and doxxing; and Apple's upcoming iPhone event.
Googling Speech Crackdown - Google has decided that its free-wheeling internal message boards have become too political. Dom Bettinelli, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Fr. Michael Gossett discuss the limits of non-work talk at work and what may be some unintended consequences. Plus a new national robocall agreement.
Get Your Digital Life in Order - If you died tomorrow, who would take care of cleaning up your digital life, shutting down your social media accounts, paying your bills, preserving your photos, etc.? Dom Bettinelli, Pat Scott, and Fr. Andrew Kinstetter give practical advice, whether you're married or single, on how to prepare and not leave your loved ones scrambling in their grief.

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