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The Secrets of Star Trek is a fan celebration and discussion of the long-running TV and movie franchise that looks at all of the TV series, movies, and other properties going back to the Original Series and right up to all the new Star Trek being produced today and in the near future. Secrets of Star Trek takes an episode-by-episode deep dive into all the completed series (The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise), the movies, and all that stills being produced (Discovery, the new Picard series, and beyond). Join Jimmy Akin, Domenico Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha as the dive into the hidden layers and deeper meaning of Star Trek.

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Recent Episodes

The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry (DIS) - Burnham is now part of Discovery's crew and tasked with turning a creature into a weapon, while Stamets must do the same with his spore drive. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory discuss the moral quandaries faced by the crew and Klingons. Plus Season 3 and Picard news.
Terra Nova (Enterprise) - The Enterprise makes contact with an Earth colony that disappeared mysteriously decades ago. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory discuss this story that is one part Lost Colony of Roanoke and one part Lord of the Flies and may be one of the weakest episodes of the series.
The Cloud (Voyager) - Voyager encounters another cloud space anomaly while Neelix pitches a fit and Janeway just wants a cup of coffee. Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory also discuss the show's handling of native American spirituality and then pay tribute to the late Aron Eisenberg, Nog of DS9.
A Man Alone (DS9) - When Odo is the prime suspect in a murder, who investigates the investigator? Jimmy and Dom talk about the smaller than normal main plot which makes room for more introductions of the DS9 cast in this first season story.
I, Borg (TNG) - With Hugh the re-humanized Borg rumored to be coming back in Star Trek Picard, Jimmy, Dom, and Fr. Cory take a look at this TNG episode that introduced the character and perhaps get a glimpse at what he will be doing in the new show.

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