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A podcast that delves into movies and TV shows, both new and classic, looking at them from a fan’s perspective and going beyond the surface to the hidden layers and deeper meanings.

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Recent Episodes

The Thin Red Line - Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” is hailed as a true work of art and a film worth some thoughtful consideration around Memorial Day. Mike Creavey, Andrew Hermiz, and Thomas Sanjurjo breakdown a film that challenges the viewer to reflect upon human conflict, duty, love, faith, and more.
The Secrets of Avengers: Endgame - The MCU is the biggest cinematic event in history and Avengers: Endgame is its capstone. Dom Bettinelli, Mike Denz, and Andrew Hermiz dive into the movie's themes of fatherhood, self-sacrifice, family, and dealing with grief and loss while enjoying the humor and superhero action.
The (Original) Ghostbusters - The 1984 Ghostbusters stands as one of the funniest and most quotable comedies of all time. Dom Bettinelli, Mike Creavey, and Mike Denz delve into the film, its amazing cast, the behind-the-scenes lore, and all the great moments in a laughter-filled discussion.
A Quiet Place - A Quiet Place was a surprise hit in 2018, and Dom Bettinelli, Andrew Hermiz, and Thomas Sanjurjo discuss what made this movie stand out, including its portrayal of a family as a quiet place that protects us from the horrors of the world; but also shared grief and guilt as a quiet place that burdens us.
The Expanse, Season 4 - The Expanse has moved to Amazon Prime. Dom Bettinelli, Steve Nelson, and Fr. Michael Gossett discuss how much the show has changed, the moral dilemmas faced by the characters this season, and why Clancy Brown should have been cast in a key role.