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A podcast that delves into movies and TV shows, both new and classic, looking at them from a fan’s perspective and going beyond the surface to the hidden layers and deeper meanings.

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Recent Episodes

Greyhound – Coffee and Cinema - Tom Hanks is captain of a WWII destroyer convoy escort in the North Atlantic, battling the U-boat wolf pack. Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Chip Hines give their first impressions of the Apple TV+ movie, including the surprising virtues and faith of Hanks' character and the compelling action.
An important message from StarQuest’s Dom Bettinelli - Dom Bettinelli shares an important message about the future of this podcast and all the shows at StarQuest.
The Chosen - The Chosen brings to TV a Jesus unlike any in recent memory. Dom Bettinelli, Mike Denz, and Joanne Mercier discuss this unique, new multi-season series that features a Jesus that's perfectly balanced in his humanity and divinity and makes the disciples as relatable as they can be.
The Secrets of The Princess Bride - The Princess Bride is an undeniably funny and very quotable movie, but as Dom Bettinelli, Mike Denz, and superfan Shelly Kelly discuss, it's also a profound exploration of love on both the grand sacrificial scale, but also in the daily ways we show our love to each other.
The Thin Red Line - Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” is hailed as a true work of art and a film worth some thoughtful consideration around Memorial Day. Mike Creavey, Andrew Hermiz, and Thomas Sanjurjo breakdown a film that challenges the viewer to reflect upon human conflict, duty, love, faith, and more.