Raising the Betts

A family podcast by StarQuest’s CEO, Dom Bettinelli, and his wife, Melanie Bettinelli, who are raising five kids in the Boston area. They discuss marriage, homeschooling, Catholic faith, their adventures far and wide, cooking exotic dishes, exploring nature, engaging culture and more. Join them as they travel to zoos, museums, and historical sites; get their kids to try strange, new foods; read books and watch TV and movies together; and try to raise their kids into healthy, well-adjusted, and capable Catholic adults.

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Recent Episodes

Don’t Work, Don’t Eat - As the Church year winds down, Dom and Melanie talk about the amazing Sunday Mass readings, including St. Paul's admonition to lazy Thessalonians; plus Star Wars on Disney+ and the amwaing story of an Indian raj who took in 1,000 Polish orphans in WWII.
Infiniphobia - This week, Dom and Melanie talk about Jesus saying that there is no marriage in heaven and that the idea of infinity gives Dom a feeling like acrophobia. Plus why they're sticking with Scouting despite the friction and how they overcome the challenges of cooking for allergy sufferers.
Halloween, All Saints, and Monkey Bridges - The Betts celebrate a blustery Halloween and Dom's birthday; manage to get to the early Mass for All Saints; and then Dom takes the older girls on their first Scout camping trip. Plus Melanie has an opinion on a 1980s BBC adaptation of Jane Austen.
You Just Became Interesting - This time, Dom and Melanie talk about the Skeleton Sea Pirates; reading Jane Austen with the older girls; granddad's visit; and a reflection on the Pharisee and the tax collector and being happy to be where you don't belong.
Asportical - This week, Dom and Melanie discuss her "asportical" outlook; Dom goes to a neighborhood reunion; cool tips for the most amazing beef stew; reflecting on the unjust judge's fear of the widow; and the boy sleeps through the night and is able to go to Mass.