Raising the Betts

A family podcast by StarQuest’s CEO, Dom Bettinelli, and his wife, Melanie Bettinelli, who are raising five kids in the Boston area. They discuss marriage, homeschooling, Catholic faith, their adventures far and wide, cooking exotic dishes, exploring nature, engaging culture and more. Join them as they travel to zoos, museums, and historical sites; get their kids to try strange, new foods; read books and watch TV and movies together; and try to raise their kids into healthy, well-adjusted, and capable Catholic adults.

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Recent Episodes

One Hundred - It's our 100th episode! The Betts note the milestone and then discuss a COVID scare in their family; what's fresh from the farmers market; Melanie's interesting literary take on Wandavision; Dom's take on Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch; and how mothers are our first experience of God's love.
Derby Day - The long-delayed Pinewood Derby is finally here, the farmers market is back, and the Betts fix all the broken things. Plus sourdough vs. levain; Star Wars books; a new British cop show; Dom finishes This Is A Robbery; Melanie finishes Marvel Phase 1; and staying grafted to Jesus the Vine.
Tea with Penguins - On World Penguin Day, the Betts deal with broken bikes and appliances; discuss hammock camping and whether you can sleep; the virtuous merits of superhero movies; and Good Shepherds and their very dumb sheep.
May We Sing? - This week, the Betts get outdoors to a beautiful, new wildlife area; try a new ribs recipe; Melanie watches more Marvel while Dom watches a Netflix doc on an art heist; and they discuss what seem like arbitrary and confusing rules about what you can and can't do at Mass these days.
Quo Vadis and Mercy - This week, the Betts are vaccinated; the girls went fishing; we discuss lamb leftovers; Melanie gets insight into Iron Man and his PTSD; and then they discuss the novel of early Christians in Rome called Quo Vadis and as what it has to tell us about Divine Mercy.