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Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World is an exploration of the weird, the strange, and the unusual. Join Jimmy Akin and co-host Domenico Bettinelli for a fascinating look at ancient mysteries, folk tales, urban legends, crimes, conspiracies, and the supernatural from the twin perspectives of faith and reason.

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Recent Episodes

the Russian woodpecker MYS032: The Mystery of the Russian Woodpecker- The Russian woodpecker was a mysterious radio signal that began in 1976, originating in the Soviet Union and heard around the world. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss its purpose, its connection to Chernobyl, and why it suddenly stopped.
What Was Adolph Hitler's Religion? MYS031: What Was Adolph Hitler’s Religion?- Adolf Hitler may have been the most sinister figure of the 20th century. His ideology of war and racism led to millions of deaths. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli examine what Hitler's views on religion were, including many claims about them, and whether his views played a role in his actions.
MYS030: The Phoenix Lights UFO Incident- On a March night in 1997, thousands of people saw a strange formation of lights over Arizona. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the theories, claims, and counter-claims to sort out what happened and perhaps to find a plausible explanation.
MYS029: The Mystery of Time Travel- Time travel is a staple of science fiction, but it is really possible? Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the mystery of time travel, the theories, the objections, and what the Catholic faith has to say about it (and it does!).
MYS028: The Mystery of Egypt’s Heretic Pharaoh- Thirty-three centuries ago, Egypt was ruled by a strange, heretic pharaoh who upended Egyptian society. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the mysteries surrounding the pharoah some call the first monotheist in history, Akhenaten.
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