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Secrets of DisneyThe Secrets of Disney is a podcast by two former Disney cast members who remain fans of all things Disney, talking primarily about the theme parks and vacation destinations, including tips and information that only an insider can give you. But don’t be surprised if they occasionally discuss other parts of the Disney empire, including movies, TV shows, streaming services, cartoons, and all the rest that falls under the two big Mouse Ears, all falling under Starquest Media’s mission of exploring the intersection of faith and pop culture. So be sure to join the fun with your hosts Deborah Schaben and Sheri Tamamoto and listen today.

The Secrets of Disney is an unofficial Disney fan podcast and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company.

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Recent Episodes

Missing the Boat - Discussing their most and least favorite rides at Walt Disney World, Deborah and Sheri discover that and Sheri discover that one of Deborah's favorites is Sheri's least; recall stories of wayward fireworks; and Sheri also shares a cautionary tale about literally missing the boat.
Return to Disney - Deborah Schaben and Sheri Tamamoto are former Disney cast members who are experts on all things Disney, but especially the parks, the cruises, and the vacation aspects including behind-the-scenes tips, tricks, and techniques to get the most enjoyment out of your Disney experience. With this episode, they are re-launching the Secrets of Disney podcast and while they talk a little bit about some Disney movies, they jump into a discussion of the theme parks, how to manage the crowd flow, and slowing down to take it all in.
Secrets of Coco SCR020: The Secrets of Disney Pixar’s Coco - The story in recent Pixar animated movie Coco revolved around the Mexican celebration of the Days of the Dead/Dia de Muertos. Dom Bettinelli, Deborah Schaben, and Angela Sealana discuss the Mexican and Catholic cultural traditions that informed the movie from both insider and outsider perspectives, as well as the deeper layers and meanings in the music and even the names.
Everything I Learned From Disney: Transformation ELFD003: Transformation - Fr. Roderick talks with Secrets of Once Upon a Time co-host Shelly Kelly about hope, the possibility of change, magic and transformation, Belle and the Beast, Prom Dresses and Cinderella, Once Upon a Time, forgiveness and Disney music!
Everything I Learned from Disney: The Second Star to the Right ELFD002: The Second Star To The Right - In this episode, Fr. Roderick talks with Deborah Schaben about life lessons from Disney World and Peter Pan.