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Welcome to Melbourne, Australia, where three Catholics discuss Catholic news, faith, science, music, apps and more from an Australian perspective. Join Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Gerard Trapnell as they explore the intersection of faith and pop culture from an Australian Catholic perspective.

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Recent Episodes

Communion on the Moon - This week, Lindsay, Caroline, and Gerry share their hopes for the next stage of the Australian bishops' plenary council set for 2020; have an in-depth discussion of NASA's Apollo lunar missions (and Australia's key role), plus astronauts partaking in communion on the Moon; and share their excitement for new Star Trek series.
“Assisted Dying” and Conscientious Objection - New laws in Victoria allowed for assisted suicide to begin in June 2019 and Lindsay, Caroline, and Gerry share their concerns and discuss the response of Victoria's Catholic bishops and hospitals. Also, news on life on Mars, Killer Whales with Aussie accents, and more.
Confessional Slippery Slope - Laws that target the confessional seal are popping up in Australia, too, and Lindsay and Gerry discuss the Church's response and other ways such laws could be exploited. Also getting your family finances in order, plus newfound appreciation for Amazon Prime and Baldur's Gate 3 is coming!
First Service and Galactic Halos - Lindsay Sant and Gerry Trapnell discuss the role the Catholic laity can take in evangelisation in the wake of the recent federal election; celebrate the ordination of Australia’s first Torres-Straight-Islander priest; and discuss an international tennis tournament for priests. In the science segment they celebrate the scientific research of Jesuit priest, Fr Richard D’Souza, and his new job at the Vatican Observatory. Lindsay and Gerry close the show with a sigh of relief after learning that the French senate voted to restore Notre Dame Cathedral to how it looked before it was damaged by fires earlier this year.
Cats in Heaven? - We’ve made it to ten episodes! Lindsay Sant and Caroline Knight discuss whether pets can go to Heaven; Lindsay relates his experience of a city retreat with students to explore the problem of poverty in Melbourne; Plus Caroline on why the moon is shrinking.