Catholics of Oz

Welcome to Melbourne, Australia, where three Catholics discuss Catholic news, faith, science, music, apps and more from an Australian perspective. Join Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Gerard Trapnell as they explore the intersection of faith and pop culture from an Australian Catholic perspective.

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Recent Episodes

Have a Merry Christmas! - To end 2020, Lindsay, Caroline, and Lino discuss their preparations for Christmas including favorite carols they’ve been listening to; celebrate Pope Francis’ declaration of a Year of St Joseph and discuss the Christmas connection; and geek out over SpaceX’s successful SN8 "hop".
Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from StarQuest - StarQuest (SQPN) wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are grateful for all your support in 2020 whether by listening to our programs, sharing them with your friends, or providing financial support. Please consider supporting our media apostolate with a US tax-deductible gift and help us continue making the programs you love.
Advent Is About the Journey - As life returns to normal in Victoria, Caroline, Lino and Lindsay discuss what they’ve been doing; reflect on the beginning of Advent and ways that they will be observing the season; and talk about the Japanse Hyubusa 2 probe mission which has some amazing new insights about our solar system.
Loss and Gain - This week, Lindsay and Caroline share their reflections on loss and gain in 2020 and the cycle of one’s faith journey through orientation, disorientation, and reorientation. They also share thoughts on Australia’s recently commemorated NAIDOC week; Caroline tackles microevolution in early hominids; and they discuss some TV shows they’ve been watching.
Out of Exile - Now that restrictions in Victoria have loosened, Lindsay, Caroline, and Lino discuss where they went with their newfound freedom of movement, then talk about the painful limitations that continue for churches. Plus the Osiris Rex asteroid mission and Caroline's new telescope.