Catholics of Oz

Welcome to Melbourne, Australia, where three Catholics discuss Catholic news, faith, science, music, apps and more from an Australian perspective. Join Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Lino Saubolle as they explore the intersection of faith and pop culture from an Australian Catholic perspective.

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Recent Episodes

Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from StarQuest - Dom Bettinelli, CEO of StarQuest, has a special Advent and Christmas greetings for all listeners and an important message about the mission of StarQuest.
Missionary Discipleship - The band is back together! After struggling through colds and covid, Lindsay Sant, Caroline Knight, and Lino Saubolle return to discuss how we can be disciples in Jesus’ Mission and Caroline shares some newly rediscovered cockroaches that are actually cute!
What’s New with StarQuest? - Catch up on all that's new and upcoming at StarQuest. Lindsay Sant is joined by Dom Bettinelli, CEO of StarQuest to talk about the podcast network's line-up of shows and future plans.
Marriage and Moon Air – The Catholics of Oz - Gerry returns! Lindsay Sant and Gerry Trapnell reflect on the meaning of marriage within Catholic belief as a witness to God in the world. Plus they discuss plans to make oxygen on the Moon to support a lunar base, and then the latest TV shows they've been watching.
Integral Ecology and Space Robots - Wrapping up their reflections on the Australian Catholic Church's plenary council, Lindsay and Lino discuss on how God's love is found in all of creation. They also discuss several kinds of robots in space, as well as why they're enjoying The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.