American Catholic History

American Catholic History, hosted by Tom and Noelle Crowe, finds the hidden gems and compelling stories of Catholic Americans who have contributed to their nation by virtue of their faith over the past three centuries. In about 20 minutes per episode, American Catholic History will introduce you to the amazing men and women who came to these American shores and were born here and contributed in ways both great and small, celebrated and unheralded.

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Teachers, Catechists, and Parents

Are you a teacher, catechist, or parent who would like to use American Catholic History to share with your children or students? We’ve made the following worksheets available for you to download and reproduce and we’re working on future resources as well. (Let us know if you’re looking for something specific.)

Parish Bulletin Editors

Are you a parish bulletin editor or catechist looking for good, brief content that will entertain, inform, and form your audience? StarQuest is making available brief, written versions of American Catholic History episodes–under 350 words each–for you to use in your publications. These are available in Word and PDF downloadable formats and free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. We will be periodically adding new downloads so be sure to check back often.

  • Founding Fathers and American Catholic History (Word format, PDF)
    • George Washington, Catholic?
    • John Fitzgerald
    • Ben Franklin and Bishop John Caroll
    • Commodore John Barry
    • Fr. Pierre Gibault & Francis Vigo
  • Other Stories from American Catholic History
  • Black American Catholics for Black History Month (Word format, PDF) (UPDATED: January 28, 2022)
    • Fr. Augustus Tolton
    • Integration in Catholic North Carolina
    • Mary Edmonia Lewis
    • Julia Greeley
    • Mother Mathilda Beasley
    • Pierre Toussaint
    • Mary Lou Williams
    • Daniel Rudd
    • Henriette Delille

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Recent Episodes

Fr. Francis Sampson, Paratrooper Padre - Fr. Francis Sampson was chaplain with the 101st Airborne who jumped over France on D-Day, 1944. Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us of the selfless exploits of this Catholic priest who some believe should have received the Medal of Honor for his actions.
Andre Cailloux - Capt. Andre Cailloux was a black free man and a hero of the Civil War. Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us how this Catholic family man joined the Union Army as one of its first black officers and became a hero that inspired generations with his patriotism and bravery.
Maria von Trapp - Maria von Trapp's life inspired the film The Sound of Music, but as Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us, her life was so much more exciting and inspiring and faith-filled than even Hollywood could make it.
Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the USA - In 1846, the bishops of the USA named the Blessed Mother under her title of Immaculate Conception as Patroness of the USA. Tom and Noëlle Crowe relate how devotion to Mary played a key role in the New World from 1492 and how that devotion led her patronage.
Sr. Ignatia and Alcoholics Anonymous - AA has been a blessing in the lives in many thousands and Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us how Sr. Ignatia Gavin was at the root of its founding and how her compassion led to changed attitudes and true care and treatment for those suffering from alcoholism.