Podcasting Gear

Dom Bettinelli and podcasting gear

SQPN CEO Dom Bettinelli at the desk where he records and edits most of our shows.

At SQPN, we use a variety of gear to create our shows and since there are literally thousands of different  products out there, our list is by no means complete, exhaustive, or definitive. But because you’ve asked here’s what we use to produce our shows:



  • Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba
    • Audio capture and routing and simple pre-processing
  • Loopback from Rogue Amoeba
    • Software audio routing allows separate recording of the host from guests
  • Farrago from Rogue Amoeba
    • Soundboard for playing theme music, bumpers, and audio clips
  • Skype from Microsoft
    • Group video and audio conferencing for podcast panels
  • Adobe Audition
    • Multi-track audio editing software
  • Izotope  RX-7
    • Audio editing plugin for repair and improvement
  • Adobe Spark
    • Web-based graphics software ideal for creating show art and other artwork intended for online use.
  • Evernote
    • Note-organizing software for keeping show notes
  • AirTable
    • Web-based database software for keeping track of shows through the various stages of production as well as tracking guests and panelists and more
  • Forecast
    • Podcast MP3 encoder
  • Slack
    • Web and app-based group communications tool