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This fall we launched an ambitious schedule of new shows and longtime favorites, bringing you an unprecedented show every day of the week! And we’ve heard from you how much you love hearing from us every day. But we need your help to continue making these shows.

Our community has always helped us to pay the bills, but the costs of bringing you these shows are much higher than the donations that come in. We are already working on a shoestring budget, but we are currently depleting our last reserves so we can bring you these shows. Without additional donations, we won’t be able to continue.

We hope you can join our giving campaign this winter to help us cover our costs. We need to raise an additional $50,000 to continue making these shows for the next year. Your tax-deductible* donation can help us bring you new podcasts and videos every weekday, every week of the new year.

So if you love what we do, and you care about our mission, please donate now! Only 5% of our current listeners help us financially. But it’s not enough, so we need your help. Help us make the shows you love.


Infrastructure (fixed costs):

– Server costs
– Hosting
– Running the organisation
– Equipment costs
– Taxes

Production costs = time + resources for:

– Making podcasts and videos
– Social media & community
– Promotion/PR

How You Can Help


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If you already have a monthly pledge and would like to increase the amount, Paypal does not let you simply edit the amount, but gives you two options:

  1. You could cancel the current recurring pledge and create a new one at the new amount.
  2. You can keep the current recurring pledge and create a new, second one of the additional amount.

You can find and edit your current pledge information at Paypal by following these instructions.

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Help Us Reach Our Goal

Our overall goal for the Winter Giving Campaign is $50,000. So please make your pledge or gift today.
If you prefer, you may also give to the Winter 2017 Giving Campaign with a check or money order. Choose the amount of your one-time gift above, make your check payable to “SQPN, Inc.”, write “Winter 2017 Giving Campaign” in the memo, and send it to:

SQPN inc.
P.O. Box 491
Roswell, GA 30077-0491
United States of America

*SQPN is a 501(c )3 non-profit organization under US law. Depending on your country or locale, your donation may be tax deductible. Consult your local tax code or a tax professional.